Work with me

Social Media Campaigns

Hi there! If you’re looking for promoting your brand, getting a review, a project on social media, and getting engagement from a creative audience, welcome!

I have an active and creative audience over a million (and growing) on my instagram accounts:

@surelysimpleblog (1M)

@surelysimplechallenge (617K)

@surelysimplewords (192K)

@opinion9 (58.2K)

@patternvilla (156K)

I create social media campaigns for prominent brands, upcoming businesses and support small shop owners as well.

I have a free introductory campaign option and later, sponsored rates if you’re satisfied with the first campaign.

The campaign is individually catered to promoting your strengths, values and I create content that resonates with my audience.

Please email me: to know more.

Art and design commissions

I also do art commissions in the following:

handmade logos with a personalised touch

wedding invitations and party invites etc.

tattoo design


portraits (pets, humans)

graphic design elements

concept art (tell me what concept you want and I shall create it)

Email me for rates: