Tips While Making Abstract Art

Tips While Making Abstract Art

Hello! I thought today I’d share some tips while creating abstract art. Abstract art is just really fun, extremely liberating and just refreshing when you’re tired of ‘rules’ and ‘going by the book’. And also, abstract art is perfect in it’s imperfections. Practically any doodle, scribble or splatter can be classified as abstract art. Plus, they make great art additions to your walls! So just grab some paint, brushes, a cup filled with water and a canvas and let’s start!

Basic ground rules (yes, there are supposed to be no rules right? Let’s call them guidelines instead):

1. Experiment in extremes

Either go full minimalist with just blacks, whites and other single monochromatic shades- or go fully extravagant: use as many colours as you like! (whatever colours you have in the house, at the moment, haha.) This is because when you focus on one shade or two, the effect is truly powerful. You can literally see the significance of each distinct colour shining through. Conversely, when you use a lot of colours, the sheer use of different colours overrides the fact that there are no distinct shapes that you drew technically with a pencil. It’s not traditional perfectionist art, and that’s what makes it fun!

Tips While Making Abstract Art

2. There are no mistakes or messes

Every single swirl, every splatter of colour was meant to be there. There are no accidents. Don’t stress about the fact that one line looks squiggly and out of proportion. This is not geometry. This is art that liberates you, allows you to turn even a traditional ‘mistake’ into a thing of elegance. It’s okay, pal. You’re doing it right.

Tips While Making Abstract Art

3. Use your imagination

Before starting an abstract piece, you may not have any idea of what you want to make or create. That’s okay. When you start painting, let your ideas flow. You may draw a dot and decide to shape it into a man’s head. Or the centre of a flower. Or maybe an emotion you’re feeling. It doesn’t have to be tangible. But you should be in charge of the flow of the paint. It may be chaotic, but it’s controlled chaos. That’s what makes abstract art so powerful.

Tips While Making Abstract Art

4. Think like a child

Be childlike in your strokes and splatters. Feel the freedom, the hopeful child inside you, telling you you can do anything you want to do. Think of your favourite things while painting. Maybe even hum these are a few of my favourite things..from the Sound of Music. Ha! Trust me, it’s fun.

Tips While Making Abstract Art

The art you see here:

Lotuses in the sea- Made by Aaria Baid

Details: I practiced using a palette knife on an old canvas and left it midway. I came across the canvas months later and decided to paint some flowers in black and white to make the flowers pop on the blues and greens already on the canvas. What was a practice canvas turned out to be a pretty distinct piece of abstract art!

Flowers in Vase- Made by Diya Baid

Details: My sister Diya made this canvas while on holiday. She’s 11 and pretty imaginative. She had only six colours: red, white, blue, black, green and white. She used all of them and created a seventh colour-pink!-as well. I was pleasantly surprised by how free her art was. My art, Lotuses in the sea, seemed restrained to a certain extent but hers was free and truly abstract. Of course, she needs improvement (as we all do) but way to go, sis!

Starry Sky and Sea- Made by Diya Baid

Details: The funny part about this paint: my sis made this when she was just nine. Looking at her recent art, Flowers in Vase, I definitely see improvement in both her imagination and painting skills. So, another tip: keep painting and look at your old artwork. You’ll surprised at your progress and evolution of thought!

One more thing:

Don’t forget to varnish your art and place it proudly on the wall! It marks a liberating time spent with expressing yourself freely through vivid colours and imagination!

xo, Aaria