The Beginner’s Guide For Making Metal Jewelry

The Beginner's Guide for making metal jewelryHello! One of my hobbies (which I recently started last year) is making jewelry. When you look at real jewelry, it’s pretty hard to imagine someone actually making it. But it’s much easier than it looks, as I found out. I went out shopping for charms, chains and the links to keep them together. I already had pliers in the toolbox at home, and I also bought a cutter to cut metal. Since this was my first time making metal jewelry, I thought I’d start with simple charm bracelets with silver charms. This is also not a very expensive investment, and looks super pretty when worn.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 9.40.15 am The Beginner’s Guide For Making  Metal Jewelry

What you need:

Charms with pendant loops or holes

A Plier

A metal cutter

Metal links (circular in shape and easily bent to connect the pieces)

Long chain (more economical to buy long chains which you can cut according to the size you want-to make necklaces/bracelets)

Metal claspers (to connect the ends of the chain-they come in various types-hooks, the clicking mechanism ones, button shapes)

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 9.41.05 am

pliers and metal cutter for making jewelry

chains, links beads, hooks for making metal jewelry

long chains and metal links for making jewelry

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 9.42.32 amHow to make:

1//Set your long chain down on a flat surface (after cutting to the desired length. You can do this by winding it around your hand and measuring the length this way)

2//Place the charms at equal distances adjacent to the chain. This gives you an idea of how and where to connect them.

3//Using the pliers open the small circular metal links and join each charm with a link to the loops of the chain. This takes time and you need to do it carefully. Bend the metal link back in shape after adding the charm and chain to it.

4//At the ends of the chain, add the claspers/hooks so that you can open and close your chain easily.

5//You’re done with your charm bracelet/necklace! Wear with anything-silver jewelry always stays in style.


1/I also bought some keychain holders and joined charms to them to make my own silver charm key chains. Check out my dream catcher key chains below.

handmade jewelry dreamcatcher keychain2/Keep all your supplies in little boxes or different bags. Mixing up supplies just causes tears when it comes to using them again and they’re all messy and difficult to handle.

3/If you want to make earrings, buy some earring loops. Earrings are pretty easy to make-you just have to connect it once to the loop!

I used charms made of real silver and the chains are also good quality. Depending on your budget and occasion, but your supplies carefully and thoughtfully.

And now for the fun bit! See some of the designs I made (I have already sold a few of these-howoever, I will be making new ones for my online shop very soon!)

The beginner's guide to making metal jewelery handmade

Inspired by the beautiful leafy charms and these koi-fish charms too. Try incorporating a bit of symmetry in charms to make them look a little more special.The beginner's guide to making metal jewelery handmade earrings

Everyone loved these moon earrings! They look good with any outfit and they create a bohemian, gothic feel when worn, to your #ootd.The beginner's guide to making metal jewelery handmade bracelet

I really like seaside charms. They evoke happy memories of childhood, going down to the beach, playing out in the sun and sand the whole day. Feathers and wings are slightly more modern and very hippy. The heart pendant in the middle can be used for a necklace too. I bought like four of those, to make a matching jewelry set, earring, this bracelet and a simple necklace too. Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 9.47.28 am

This plain band with an embellished centre looks super casual and pretty when paired with denims and clean colours. I’m keeping this one for me. I made like four of these, and they look so good!The beginner's guide to making metal jewelery handmade tortoise  earrings

These tortoise earrings are just adorable, don’t you think? I made some elephant, dolphin and fish ones too (not pictured-already sold). Animal jewelry is just too cute. And look down, my dreamcatcher keychains! Oh, I’m in love with these keychains. I made like five different types (all sold) and they are just so flowery and different-I love how a flower pendant and feathers and leaves make for a beautiful dreamcatcher!handmade jewelry dreamcatcher keychain

These silver charms make great gifts for friends and family! I gave away so many to people I know and they all loved their own personalized charms! You can add letters, words, shapes and really anything depending on the charms you buy! For my collection here, I was inspired by nature hence you can see tortoises, the moon, feathers, flowers, shells, dolphins, the sea and just a natural earthiness of these beautiful silver charms!