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12 Botanical Watercolor Doodles! + Free Phone Wallpaper Surely Simple Youtube Video

12 Botanical Watercolor Doodles Youtube Video! + Free Phone Wallpaper

Hey everyone! I really want to maintain a youtube channel starting this year with all sorts of fun artsy tutorials and reviews! So, please subscribe on my youtube- search for surely simple there. Today, I created this little tutorial for you! Also, I decided to make it into a free phone wallpaper if you liked the simple art 🙂 Read…

Let's try the 'Tape Trick' + A Cool Watercolor Discount For You!

The ‘Tape Trick’ + A Cool Watercolor Discount For You!

Hey everyone! This is a really simple (and satisfying) mini tutorial if you’re looking for a handy art project! The great thing about this ‘tape trick’ is that it looks different everytime. There are so many things you can do to experiment with it. So here’s a little try at it: I listed all the tools I use below along…