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Mixbook Stationery Review: Good Quality (Doodles + a Free download!)

Hey everyone! I’m reviewing Mixbook’s stationery collection today. Get ready for lots of doodles 🙂 Mixbook is a photo printing service where you can get your own photos/ art printed along with their many templates on their site. In the past (here and here), I have designed cards and products on Mixbook‘s easy software filled with designs, stickers, text and…

Starting again

Hi everyone. I shall be updating the blog regularly now! Thank you for your patience! Stay tuned, some pretty cool stuff coming your way! Watch out for a new post. xx Aaria PS- follow me on IG if you aren’t already! @surelysimpleblog @surelysimplechallenge @opinion9 @patternvilla           SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

A Creative Home with artist Menw from Maastricht, Netherlands- a home tour and creative interview series via SurelySimple.com

A Creative Home with Paperhugger Menw from Maastricht

Hi everyone! Today I have a fascinating home tour lined up for you! Menw is what she calls a ‘paperhugger’ because she loves and collects all things paper! Her interests are diverse though- from vintage stationery, stamps, wax seals, art, botanicals, pens, postcards, snail mail, and so much more. She is also a hoarder of stationery and art supplies, but let me…