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An artist's perspective: Mixbook Review (+ 9 Free Wallpapers!) surelysimple.com

An artist’s perspective: Mixbook Review (+ Free Wallpapers!)

Hey everyone! Today, I shall be talking about Mixbook- an online service for creating custom design. Let’s take it from the top… starting with what Mixbook offers as a brand and..why it’s so awesome! Also, I’ve got some free wallpapers for you! Read on… An artist’s perspective: Mixbook Review (+Free Wallpapers!) Mixbook is a photo printing company that caters to…

Creating Original Characters with the Scrawlr Box Challenge via Surely Simple

Creating Original Characters with the Scrawlr Box Challenge

Hey! I tried out the Scrawlr Box challenge and it was a great experience. Check out my video (I filmed this in small snippets and wips): What is the Scrawlr Box challenge, exactly, you might ask? Well, it’s a subscription box that gives you a small set of art supplies and some nice paper too, and a specific theme to create…


Bamboo Slate Review + Valentine’s Day Instagram Giveaway!

Hey everyone! I’m excited to team up with Bamboo to celebrate Valentine’s Day! They sent me some products- a Bamboo Slate for me to demonstrate with and one for me to give away (to you! One lucky winner gets it- happening on instagram- @surelysimpleblog and @surelysimplechallenge- in a bit!). Let’s talk about the Bamboo Slate and then make some Valentine’s day…