Meet Kiley in Kentucky SurelySimple Interview

#SurelySimple: Meet Lettering Artist Kiley in Kentucky

Hello folks. You’ll be meeting different lettering / calligraphy artists as a part of the ‘meet the teachers’ series on @surelysimplechallenge. Read on to find out more about each letterer’s creative process, how they discovered their own distinct style, the tools they use and more..

Today’s featured artist is..Kiley (in Kentucky!) Read on…

1/If you were on stage right now, how would you introduce yourself? 
Well, if I’m bragging (haha), I began lettering less than a year ago, and have since become a TombowUSA Brand Ambassador, had a successful freelance “side gig.” opened an Etsy Store, and hit that magical 10K mark on Instagram! I’m pretty impressed with myself for setting my sights so high and getting so close to reaching my goals in such a short amount of time!

 2/When did you first really get interested in lettering and calligraphy?
I’ve always been interested in it on some level, but only within the last year did my busy schedule present a gaping window of free time that I wanted to fill creatively! Lettering was a natural choice for me because I love the act of writing (taking notes in school was always so relaxing for me) AND I love to doodle, draw, and paint. Mixing the two together is a dream hobby!

3/What are your favourite art tools and media you prefer?
I use brush pens more than any other tool because they fit best with my style, and I enjoy using them so much… but I go through watercolor phases, where I could play around with watercolors from dawn til dusk (I’m in one of those right now)!

4/When you find yourself in a creative rut, how do you conquer that?
My creativity comes in waves. It ebbs and flows just like an ocean. In those times when it’s ebbing, I totally change up my perspective by switching mediums. Lately, I have felt so uninspired with my current collection of tools, but switching over to watercolor for awhile has completely rejuvenated my outlook on color and shape.

5/What would be the ideal lettering / calligraphy assignment you’d like to work on?
My dream assignment would be a couple asking me to letter “their song” in a simple black brush pen. Something I love to do to “unwind” is to letter my favorite songs. It is so relaxing, and often is a very fun puzzle. The longer the verses, the harder it is to fit everything together, but it’s a challenge I enjoy.

6/Any advice you’d like to share on finding your own lettering style?
In the search to discover my own style, I found there is no secret formula for developing “your” style. Sure, you can create an alphabet of letters that are “styled” with a distinct look, but truly digging into what lies inside of YOUR brain and what others will come to recognize as “you” is a true discovery process that comes after lots and lots of digging and plain ol’ lettering practice.

Thanks for sharing, Kiley! Connect with her on instagram @kileyinkentucky. Check her Opinion9 interview here.