Surely Simple #Hashtag Guide + New Changes!

Surely Simple #Hashtag Guide + New Changes!

Hey everyone! Today, I just wanted to share the details about a question I get asked frequently- what are the Surely Simple tags? How can I use them, and which ones- there seem to be so many! Also, I wanted to share a new change in the @surelysimplechallenge account format! I have been working on some new ideas for quite some time now, and here they are!





A quick view at all the tags (so far!):

The main tag you can use for literally EVERYTHING you post on IG is: #surelysimple

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Use these tags so I can see your posts and repost my favourites!

If you’re on insta, you may have seen some regular hashtags popping up (see above), inviting you to join in the fun and building community at the same time. As you know, @surelysimplechallenge is a community where I repost creative photos and videos – from you!

I’m pretty much ALWAYS on the lookout for fresh talent, so using the hashtags is a really effective way for me to see your work. I check #surelysimple everyday as a morning riutual, and the other tags regularly throughout the week.

Use the hashtags to meet new creatives, get your posts seen by me and other like minded folks. You can even browse there for inspiration!

Okay, let’s break them down…

TAG DIRECTORY // Surely Simple #Hashtag Guide


(Click to see more) 

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*drumroll please* where it all started.. #SURELYSIMPLE is a tag broad enough for anything and everything you’re posting on instagram- from art, lettering, DIY, just regular selfies, pictures of nature, stationery, food, travel, the list goes on.

Again, if you really want to grow your account and would like to be featured on @surelysimplechallenge, I highly recommend adding this particular tag to your tag cloud whenever you post- because I will come across your work at some point. (By the way, tagging me on the pics is another way for me to see your work!)



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Everyone loves art, after all. 



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I love calligraphy and lettering SO much. I guess you do too. Use this tag for calligraphy, typography and lettering posts…


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Follow the NEW Account @surelysimplewords! You can submit your writing (poetry, short stories!) here at this submission form.


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Food in all its glory- creative process, funny exotic dishes, staging, mouthwateringly good stuff…

FOOD. Enough said. 


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You wanna know something funny? I didn’t even start this tag- so many people started using it even though I have never actually written it on my posts. #funnybutsweet

Also, some folks created #surelysimpleblog and this one #surelysimplechallenge, which are surprisingly active! 

Use all the above hashtags for the monthly creative challenges- these challenges are meant for daily practice, fun and also gets you a chance to get featured!

Here’s the January challenge in case you’re interested, by the way:

🌟❤️Comment YES if you'd like to join in the fun! And repost so I know you're in 🙂 SAVE THIS :JANUARY CHALLENGE :: I wanted to make January a little more special than just the regular: instead of choosing plain motivational words, I chose a theme : freedom! From there, it kind of evolved into bohemian and I thought it would be cool to draw/ doodle / letter some fun objects mentioned here..all in the spirit of art! • Photos + especially process videos welcomed! ❤️Join in anytime during the month with the main tag #SURELYSIMPLE and the secondary tags #surelysimpleart #surelysimplelettering #surelysimplejournal #surelysimplewords #surelysimpledoodles #surelysimplecolor etc. + tag me @surelysimpleblog @surelysimplechallenge @surelysimplewords so I see it and like it! • Remember, the point of this is to be creative and have fun! I shall be featuring highlights on posts here @surelysimplechallenge and on my stories as well. If you manage to complete a very cool series, you have a chance of a solo highlight Shoutout here too. • Have fun and tag a friend! Starts January 7th! 🌟🌟🌟

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Some NEW hashtags…


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NEW TAGS! If you’re into posting selfies, outfits (#ootd), life in general, use these two: #SURELYSIMPLESTYLE and #SURELYSIMPLELIFE



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This is all about home and work inspiration! Because we all need a pretty (and productive) space, am I right?



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If you’re heading on a trip anywhere, be sure to use #surelysimpletravel , who knows, maybe you’ll see your trip featured on @surelysimplechallenge. It can happen…#ButYouGottaPostIt


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Design is life.


Well, that’s a wrap! Wait….still two more tags..

#DrawMeAaria– I randomly draw people on my personal account @surelysimpleblog for no charge. Tag your selfies!

#MYSURELYSIMPLE – If you try any of the mini tutorials I post, please use this hashtag. I check it and can share your work!


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Surely Simple #Hashtag Guide + New Changes!


Okay, now let’s talk about the changes happening on @surelysimplechallenge.

So, I started @surelysimplechallenge in 2016 (I think?) and even though we’ve come so far and interacted with so many talented people, I felt like I needed to change the dynamic. It had started out very unique, and I want it to stay that way. I want it to be more organised, more inspiring, and also to actually help artists get noticed. I come across a lot of artists that I feel deserve more recognition, and yet it doesn’t happen. Here’s to changing that.

Some of the new changes especially for artists:

1/ artist spotlight- This feature is aimed at artists who I would definitely recommend learning from/ following to get updates on their art. Special emphasis on upcoming artists.

2/ artist initative- this feature is more aimed at creative businesses and services. More details coming on this later.


General changes to the posting schedule:

1/ You’ll be seeing a classified approach to posting from now on- equal emphasis on the different topics- be it art, lettering, workspace etc.

2/ 3-5 posts everyday.

3/ Story shoutouts starting there!


Also, many more exciting things unfolding on the blog in 2018! For now, head over to @surelysimplechallenge to see the transformation. Stay tuned 😉 – Aaria