Smile Create Repeat Review Box 1/4: White and Blue

Hi everyone! I shall be reviewing and making art with Smile Create Repeat art boxes and sharing the process here and on my instagram @surelysimpleblog, @surelysimplechallenge and my new account @surelysimplewords. (A lot of accounts, just keep up with me :P)

Smile Create Repeat is a great art subscription service because of it’s emphasis on fine art supplies. If you are a beginner (or have been around the art scene for a while) and you want to actually learn more about good quality art supplies, I highly recommend buying a monthly subscription.

They say that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. Smile Create Repeat certainly delivers sophistication – I really like the way they have structured the box.

It includes a :

step by step tutorial with a demo by Tony Luongo, the founder

Information about the art supplies

A carefully curated set of art supplies

A bonus high quality drawing pencil (you can collect the whole set of pencil grades- 2B, 6B etc by collecting all the boxes!)

You can send your art you make to @smilecreaterepeat and you get a chance to get your art printed and included in a future postcard in each box.

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Follow @smilecreaterepeat 💙💙Comment words starting with B (1 per comment!) + win a shoutout Save this 💙 I’m reviewing @smilecreaterepeat – a subscription art monthly box! I got 4 boxes so I shall share all the fun details – stay tuned! This is art box 4: I call it the BLUE AND WHITE BOX (with a hint of red lol). Swipe to see what I made with the supplies. 📘 What’s cool about @smilecreaterepeat: 📘 💙They have a very careful selection of art supplies in each box. Not too many to get you overwhelmed, and not too few to get you bored- just the right amount to keep you focused on making some art! 💙They have shading pencils which come in each box as a bonus- collect all the boxes to get a complete set of shading pencils- 4B, 6B, 10B etc 💙You can send your art you make to @smilecreaterepeat and you get a chance to get your art printed and included in a future postcard in each box. 💙I really like the emphasis on fine art materials- if you want to learn more about art materials, I definitely recommend @smilecreaterepeat’ s monthly subsctipion 💙They also provide a step by tutorial in case you need some ideas to get started! 💙See demos on @smilecreaterepeat’s Youtube: Follow them for more updates: @smilecreaterepeat #smilecreaterepeat …… Box 3 coming next! Working backwards haha 😍 order your own box 📦 @smilecreaterepeat

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I’m so excited to share the art I made! Let’s look at box 1: which I named white and blue because the colors included were…white and blue. Really smart, I know 😀 Also, I’m working backwards, so I labelled each box- 1,2,3,4. The white and blue box is box 4:D

I enjoyed painting this canvas! I literally took it with me across countries while travelling and painted it whenever I got time. There are a lot of layers because I kept changing it up until I felt it looked just ‘about right’, haha!

Here’s the video process on these houseplants:

These houseplants were so liberating to painting in the sense that I just had to focus on the drawing and allow the colors to just be shades of blue and white. And the coloured pencil made the outlines pop!

I really had a lot of fun with this particular Smile Create Repeat box- and the good thing about it these subscription boxes is that.. there’s no hurry. You can take your own sweet time, and you’ll find inspiration.

Grab your own monthly art box here:

Follow Smile Create Repeat on instagram @smilecreaterepeat and on youtube where they share demos, tutorials and unboxing art goodies!

Here’s another video using the supplies:

Stay tuned- I’ll be reviewing three more Smile Create Repeat boxes this month! Thanks to Tony and Kim for giving me the opportunity!- Aaria