Restyle it! DIY Hexagon Jewelry Holder

DIY Hexagon Jewelery Holder via

Another Restyle it! post. I’m totally getting into restyling things now! This post is no know, how people on the net are forever doing Ikea hacks? Well, this one is an Ikea hack..Ikea packaging, that is. Confused? Don’t be. Read on.

So I recently purchased two wall clocks from Ikea and they came in these pretty adorable hexagon shaped boxes. Rather than tossing these boxes out for in the recycle, I thought I’d make something simple yet functional from them.

And voila..this hexagon jewelry tray was born!

Stuff you need to make this Restyle it! DIY Hexagon Jewelry Holder:

DIY Hexagon Jewelery Holder via

hexagon box // velvet fabric // crystal stickers // scissors // glue // glitter pen // ribbon (not pictured)

Here’s how I made it:

DIY Hexagon Jewelery Holder via

1// Get all your stuff ready in one place.

2// Outline the hexagon shape. Then at each edge, place the box along the fold and outline that too.

3// Do all six sides the same way.

4// Make sure all the lines you’ve made are visible (go over them a few times with the glitter pen)

5//Cut out your hexagon template.

6// Apply glue to the inside of the box and place the velvet template inside.

7// Use a wide ribbon and apply on the edges of the box with the glue. Add the crystal stickers to the points of the box. I added some in the inner points of the box too.

8// Put your jewelry (or whatever you want) inside the box.

9// Your DIY hexagon jewelry holder is ready!

DIY Hexagon Jewelery Holder via

DIY Hexagon Jewelery Holder via

DIY Hexagon Jewelery Holder via

This was really simple..and it looks so good with the velvet and the sheen of the ribbon! ¬†And the best part is..I love the hexagon shape of the holder. Thanks to IKEA for such great packaging…and even if you don’t have any hexagon boxes lying around the house, you can make your own hexagon shaped box at home by:

cutting out a hexagon piece shape out of cardboard

cutting a long strip of cardboard and taping it along the side of the hexagon shaped piece


Hope you liked this!

xo. Aaria

DIY Hexagon Jewelery Holder via

OH! I just realized that this is NOT a hexagon, but an octagon! Oops.

Oh well. Geometric jewelry holder is a more suitable title..