Mixbook Stationery Review: Good Quality (Doodles + a Free download!)

Hey everyone! I’m reviewing Mixbook’s stationery collection today. Get ready for lots of doodles 🙂 Mixbook is a photo printing service where you can get your own photos/ art printed along with their many templates on their site.

In the past (here and here), I have designed cards and products on Mixbook‘s easy software filled with designs, stickers, text and backgrounds from their site.

If you’re curious, head over to their site now and have a great time checking out the amazing designs.

This time, I decided to order very minimal stationery (notecards, stickers and magnets) so I could doodle on them. I love adding a personal touch to cards, and having a pack of printed cards with foil elements and good quality paper really helps.

I had such a fun time creating my stationery on mixbook’s website! They have such a colourful array of designs that I was inspired to first create a small piece of art even before I received my order. That’s called pure inspiration, folks! When a website compels you to be creative even before you buy anything, haha.

So, I created this geometric watercolor layered heart. There’s a quick tutorial if you want to make one for yourself at the bottom of this post (keep scrolling!). I also created a free wallpaper download for you!

Now, let’s show you some of the doodles I made. Mixbook stationery is awesome because the paper quality is great, and the printing quality? Even better. I really love their foil elements so I got a whole lot of those in my cards. Also, one thing you should know- you can design both sides of the notecards. And when you draw on one side, there’s no ink bleed or marks showing on the other side! Love that. Here are all my doodles:

These are magnets you can write on! Preferably with wipe clean chalk markers 🙂

Here’s a photo tutorial for the watercolor geometric tape trick!

The awesome thing about these tape experiments is that you never know what to expect! And it always ends up looking good.

Check out the satisfying tape peel reveal (that’s my favourite part while making these!)

Click here to get the free desktop wallpaper: Mixbook Desktop Wallpaper (28 downloads)

Click here to get the free phone wallpaper: Mixbook Phone Wallpaper (40 downloads)

Use the code AARIA50 to get 50% off your first order at Mixbook!

Thanks to Mixbook for giving me the opportunity to share (and doodle)! – Aaria