March 2016 Lettering Prompts!

MARCH Lettering Prompts. Follow me ✨magical✨ March challenge is here!

And I just had to make it about something I love- DISNEY! ☺️💕 The rules are simple enough:

1- follow me over on instagram @surelysimpleblog

2- letter/ draw a prompt for its particular day and tag:



depending on if you choose to letter or doodle (or both)

3- enjoy the process and also tell us a little fact about you and your Disney connect! Disney has its own place in everyone’s life, don’t you think? It’s not about being a kid, it’s about the timeless appeal you find in all their movies and songs! ✨

✨💕 I feel like a little kid again- it’s the Disney feeling 😅 🎨please share and tag people who like lettering, doodling and wanting to feel a little nostalgic, free and just have fun this coming month! -Aaria 💖