Glittery Phrase Bunting

Glittery Phrase Bunting via

Hello! Today is special, because there are birthday celebrations all around at home. To mark the occasion, I whipped up this very simple glittery phrase bunting to use just for the occasion. I didn’t want to write ‘happy birthday’ because that limits the use all year round (if I want to!) so I settled for a phrase- You Da Best. It’s simple, cheerful and optimistic. And here’s how I made this banner last night, 20 minutes tops.

Glittery Phrase Bunting via

you need: glitter foam sheets//an exacto knife or scissors (or both) // needle and thread


1. Start drawing your letters on the back of the foam sheet. Be sure to draw the asymmetrical letters like ‘B’ ‘E’ ‘S’ ‘D’ etc (or whatever letters in your words of choice) backwards. Symmetrical letters are no problem. Just try them as they are.

Glittery Phrase Bunting via

Glittery Phrase Bunting via

2. After drawing them, use an exacto knife and scissors to cut them out. I found that outlining all the edges with the knife and then cutting with scissors over them made it easier. The inner parts of the alphabets- such as in the ‘O’ and ‘A’ can be easily cut with the exacto knife.

Glittery Phrase Bunting via

3. Use your needle and thread to string on all the letters. I actually did it backwards – t-e-s-b -a -d – u-o-y, because it just seemed easier to string it in and not worry about measuring the length of the string first. Whatever works for you.

Glittery Phrase Bunting via

Glittery Phrase Bunting via

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 12.27.14 pm

And there you have it! A quick little DIY to put on your wall, and keep presents and cards below it on a table/ on the floor! I made this yesterday, so just to show you how it looks, I taped it on the wall- in not very good lighting. (The big light in my studio room has fizzled out- and the electrician delays his appointment to come and fix it-argh! Also, my studio has a large ceiling, and the lights are right on it-otherwise I’d totally grab a chair and change it myself. So that’s the reason for these photos. However, it looks really good in real life!)

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 12.26.46 pm

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 12.28.35 pm

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