Free Download: Surely Simple Floral Doodles Worksheet! via Surely

Free Download: Surely Simple Floral Doodles Worksheet!

Hey everyone! This worksheet is long due because I was supposed to post it on my birthday!! May 6… long story short, I got busy with work and, oh my gosh, it’s November already?!  (I’m obviously not superwoman!) Anyways,  I’m back with blogging and posting daily on instagram again and I had to start with a little gift…from me to you! Read on and click the black DOWNLOAD NOW button later on in the article…

Introducing ..the floral doodles (+ lettering too!) worksheet download! And yes, it’s 100% free! 

Free Download: Surely Simple Floral Doodles Worksheet! via Surely 

Free Download: Surely Simple Floral Doodles Worksheet! via Surely

Y’all know just HOW much I love doodling. A lot of people ask me how I get all these small doodle flower ideas and what not.

The truth is, I doodle very spontaneously. And I almost never plan anything beforehand.

 It’s something that develops over time and it is a continuous organic process.

Doodling is something I urge you to try because not only does it help free your mind from the more mundane matters of life and routine- it also gives you a hidden insight into creativity.

And you might be thinking while reading this, ‘Well, I’m not a very creative person.’


I have to correct you on this: YOU are a creative person. We are all creative! We all have the potential to make beautiful art. Art is not God’s gift or talent or anything ‘special given to a select few’. Art belongs to people who pick up a pen/pencil and just start!


It’s really that simple. (Make that surely simple 😉 )


So, now you’re starting to accept that you are a wonderful creative person!

That’s where I come in with this worksheet- just to give you a push on your creative journey- wherever you might be at this point.

Free Download: Surely Simple Floral Doodles Worksheet! via Surely
This worksheet is very basic and packed with some raw ideas. You can use it to elaborate on so many more topics- create borders, wreaths with the doodles, for example. Make gorgeous hand lettered signs for your home. The possibilities are endless.

Just use it as motivation.

Free Download: Surely Simple Floral Doodles Worksheet! via Surely


Print it out and hand them out to kids/ adults alike and have a doodle party! Color in the cover page! Get the inspiration flowing from the very first page. Have you ever had a doodle session before? They’re super fun! (Don’t forget the snacks!) And you can also work on it by yourself! Solo sessions are also equally satisfying haha 😀

Free Download: Surely Simple Floral Doodles Worksheet! via Surely


Click the download button below and print it out!




Hope you enjoy! Please leave a comment below ! Also, please join in the monthly challenges happening at @surelysimpleblog and @surelysimplechallenge!

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  • Karl G.

    I’m in love with your work. It’s God’s gift to you, be thankful ☝️. Thanks for the floral doodles worksheet .💗