Free Brush Lettering Worksheet Download (in lowercase!) via

Free Brush Lettering Worksheet Download (in lowercase!)

Free Brush Lettering Worksheet Download (in lowercase!) via SurelySimple.comHey everyone! Happy new year! It’s january 1 and we come to the end of a cycle (see ya, 2016), and on to a brand new year- with creative things to do and what better than to start practicing brush lettering directly on the very first day of the year? First impressions are important. So make yourself feel all prepped up for the new year and do something creative. You’ll feel good, I guarantee it! The alphabet challenge (letter/draw/write/paint an alphabet a day for the whole month, plus some extras to be revealed later) has officially started on @surelysimplechallenge. And I wanted to give you all a little present- a free brush lettering workbook- in lowercase! Brush lettering is a trend that is here to stay, and I wanted to make something useful, helpful and free (!) to do my bit to assist in your lettering goals! Here’s a quick look-through:

FREE LETTERING WORKBOOK on the blog! Download! And join in @surelysimplechallenge! In this workbook, not only can you practice #brushlettering, you can also doodle and get creative with your letters! Link in bio! Just press the download button and save it and print it. Enjoy! Please let me know any feedback either on the blog (I REALLY appreciate comments there) or here πŸ’– happy happy new year to YOU! Hope you like this lil present 🎁 from you! . Update: if the link isn't currently working, just type '' on your browser and keep trying every few hours to download it (due to the traffic, it may take a few tries) let me know when you get it! ❗️Update 2: if you're unsure of how the letters are formed in the worksheet- I shall be posting guides on EVERY letter as a graphic for all to see on @surelysimplechallenge! So please follow there and refer to those- A is coming up shortly!! πŸ˜ƒ . If you download and try it out, please upload a pic and tag me so I can see your progress!! —- Please follow my other accounts : @opinion9 πŸ“š, @patternvilla 🎨, @surelysimplechallenge πŸ–ŒπŸ–‹ and this one @surelysimpleblog (duh) 😊

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Click the download button at the end of the post and save the pdf. Press print. Start lettering! Tracing letters is a great way of understanding the flow and structure of the alphabet. The best part is you can print how many copies you like and practice till you feel confident! Even if you’re already into the brush lettering scene, no harm to practice, right? Practice is what every letterer does on a daily (hourly?) basis, haha!

Free Brush Lettering Worksheet Download (in lowercase!) via

If you follow my art adventures on @surelysimpleblog, you’ll know that I’m just not satisfied with plain lettering, no matter how pretty it is. I’m a doodler, and if I see a blank piece of paper, oh man, I have to doodle something pretty like tiny leaves or little florals or just anything on it! And so I made the letters in this workbook big enough (because when you’re practicing lettering, it’s best to practice writing as large as possible- it really gives you more control and makes practice effective) to DOODLE on! Hand lettering is truly versatile because if you’re like me, it’s hard to stop adding highlights, shadow effects, drawings even on letters- and the best part is, it still looks good! 

Decorated Brush Letters- Free Brush Lettering Worksheet Download (in lowercase!) via

Use larger brush tipped pens for this worksheet- my favourites include crayola markers, tombow pens, studio G markers, and so many more. (Should I make a list for y’all?) Also, if you don’t have ANY brush pens with you- DON’T WORRY, you can use a paintbrush! It’s called ‘brush lettering’ for a reason πŸ˜‰

Also, if you notice- in the cover page, I added this little doodle I made for 2017! And yes, if you saw the video (below), the ‘0’ in 2017 is coloured in! Hehe πŸ™‚

Comment as many words starting with 're' and I'll possibly check out your profile and like your pics! 1 word per comment! You know how it is when a new year starts and for the first few days or so you keep thinking and writing the previous year- for example when 2016 started, I used to write 2015 by accident until I got used to it. So I thought I'll start practicing writing 2017 right now! Have a blessed, beautiful, creative, safe, fun year ahead- my resolution this year is to not make any resolution hehe πŸ˜‚ instead I'll be focusing on tasks and goals. And to just enjoy myself and do whatever I like. Is that too idealistic? What are your resolutions? See you next year! (And on my stories- just click on my profile pic!) oh and the alphabet challenge on @surelysimplechallenge starts on January 1st!! Be sure to check there for tutorials, tips and freebies (including a lettering worksheet from me!) #whpresolutions . . . My other accounts are @opinion9 πŸ“š, @patternvilla 🎨, @surelysimplechallenge πŸ–ŒπŸ–‹ and this one @surelysimpleblog (duh) 😊

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Free Brush Lettering Worksheet Download (in lowercase!) via




In January, we’re going to be lettering from A to Z (a letter a day) TOGETHER! You’ll be getting:

▢️teacher takeovers! (For the new faces here- lettering artists will be sharing their knowledge – one letter at a time!)

▢️You’ll be getting FREE lettering guides during the month from me @surelysimpleblog

▢️ YOU get to practice and work on your lettering/ handwriting/ calligraphy/ artsy skills- and you decide what style and medium you want to work in! If you complete the whole alphabet in a distinctive series, you may win an interview on! πŸ’–


I’d LOVE to know what you think about these worksheets and whether they prove to be helpful. Please let me know in the comments below! Cheers, xo Aaria

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  • Hadjadj Taha

    thank you aaria ^^ I am new to calligraphy, and a follower on your instagram, I hope this book will be beneficial for me, I wish I had a brush pen =( they arent available in my country

    • Aaria Baid

      Hi there! I hope it helps you out. Try searching for any brush pen in your local art store or buy them online. Otherwise, you can use a regular paintbrush (2 or 6 works best) along with ink/watercolor paint.

      • Hadjadj Taha

        thank you ^^

  • Beth Guckin

    Anyone able to download this who would be willing to email it to me?

  • Beth Guckin

    Anyone able to download this who would be willing to email it to me? Pretty Please πŸ™‚

    • Aaria Baid

      Please click on the download button and try it. Let me know when you receive it.

  • k e

    I am also unable to download. Thats too bad, because i would really like to try those worksheets πŸ™‚

    • Aaria Baid

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    Thank you! Happy New Year!

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      Great! Happy new year! πŸ™‚

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    Happy New Year.
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    • Aaria Baid

      Hi Maryline, what exactly is the issue? It might be caused due to traffic. Please try again and let me know when you get it.

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    The download worked for me! Thanks so much!

    • Aaria Baid

      Glad to hear that! Hope you enjoy!

  • Kristen Peck

    I was able to download the guide, but couldn’t open it because it is “corrupt or damaged” πŸ™

    • Aaria Baid

      I just checked the link, it seems to be working fine. Maybe it was an error due to the volume of people clicking on it at the same time. Please try again and update me on the status.

  • luanne

    I’m having an issue with the download also.

    • Aaria Baid

      Hi Luanne, what exactly is the issue? It might be caused due to traffic. Please try again and let me know.

      • luanne

        I’m on my MAC and it is just gray.. nothing comes up.

  • Helena Elizondo Nieva

    Thank you so much Aaria! This is great πŸ™‚

    • Aaria Baid

      Thanks for downloading it! Hope you enjoy πŸ™‚

  • Hellen Cania

    i already download it! and i’m so exicited for trying this thing, actually i’m the beginner for this stuff…
    so your worksheet totally help me for practice~
    ohh and happy new year!

    • Aaria Baid

      That’s so awesome! Hope it helps with your lettering practice! Happy new year! πŸ™‚

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    I am having having trouble downloading. πŸ™

  • Kaitlyn L

    The link unfortunately won’t load, probably due to the overload of people trying to open it as well? I am excited to try it out once I order my new Tombow dual brushes (they’re probably better than the ones I have at the moment). I’m not a beginner but I would like to continue practicing to improve.

  • Hannah Hamilton

    Using my Mac, unable to download. The page just won’t load! πŸ™

  • Antoinette Van Kleeff

    I’m a procrastinator and even though I wanted to start lettering, I’ve been putting it off for ages. And now this… it must be a sign πŸ™‚ Thanks Aaria, I’ve downloaded your wonderful freebie and WILL practice!!! (insta: dutchsparky)

  • Em

    I keep trying to download and it opens as blank sheets?

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    I am trying to download the PDF but it is not working πŸ™

  • Zoe

    I **love** these, thank you so much. I hope you do an uppercase version, too. Or short courses? I’d definitely pay for an online class you did!

  • vinieginie

    Heaps o thanks for sharing your worksheet Aaria ! can’t wait to practise !

  • erkin salsabila

    I LOVE U SO MUCH!!! actually i really want to try this brush lettering but i don’t know how to do it properly and there’s no brush lettering book in my country and shipping is really expensive. so thank you so so much for this free sheets. grace u! have a happy day!!!

  • mai

    hi aria, i love your work.could you just post a picture with only uppercase letters?

  • Pam Fernandez

    I down loaded the pages but once I did I noticed they were for large brushes, I’ve got the small brush. Can I still use it?

  • Karl G.

    Thanks for sharing this alphabet. Love ur work πŸ’•