Flower Bouquets In Ceramic Pot Planters

ceramic pot planters and bouquets1There’s nothing as too many flowers, is there? Except sometimes. Because of so many celebrations around the house, we found too many flower bouquets and not enough space to display them in. I was just debating to mix and match the two most recent bouquets with the other assorted vases when I remembered I’d bought these ceramic pot planters a month ago. They were lying untouched, since I’ve been meaning to start planting some flowers to make a cozy little home garden. Anyways, I still haven’t got around to doing that yet, so I thought I’d make some temporary ‘vases’ out of these pot planters.

ceramic pot planters and bouquets3

And here’s how they look. It looked surprisingly homely and chic to have pots in the living room. And flowers always make me feel so good. They’re just so colorful, bright and inviting-a total feel good factor.Screen Shotceramic pot planters and bouquets6

ceramic pot planters and bouquets4

ceramic pot planters and bouquets

ceramic pot planters and bouquets5I know these are only temporary, of course (has anyone ever planted anything out of a bouquet and still have it growing to this day?) and yet oh so lovely. In fact, I’ve started getting more ideas for my little home garden-I’d love a rose bush or two!