DIY Vision Wall


I’ve dabbled in creating vision boards on pinboards at home, and of course, there’s pinterest to make your own virtual vision boards. However, in my studio area (more coming about that later) I realised that I had a lot of wall space to create wall! I don’t know exactly how this will progress..maybe I’ll add some actual framed photos later on, or do something a bit different pertaining to the vision wall/board theme. But..for now..I’m using the wall space to create my own very visible vision wall!

Here’s how I did it:

You need:

diy vision wall

Magazines // tape (shiny tape adds to the presentation and masking tape does the trick too.) // Scissors (optional)


1. Pick out pictures you like (or ones which pique your interest) from magazines. Don’t worry about any significance; just let your imagination take over. Tear them out to get a hipster look, or cut with scissors.

2. Start taping them up on the walls, one by one. You can do this any way you like. (If you like to plan things out, you can even lay them on the floor to get the positioning right. I did this spontaneously on the wall, but hey! Everyone’s got their own process.)

3. Look at the wall you’ve created and try deducing your emotions currently. You may be surprised at what themes you picked out and how it all sums up together!

My vision wall:

diy vision wall

My topics: travelling, photography, nature, greens, food, interior design, a little fashion here and there

My sister also saw what I was doing, and made one herself!

diy vision wall

Diya’s topics: shoes, more shoes, chocolate, food (She also put up a picture of some very healthy food..asparagus, kumquats and what not. I asked her why and she said she liked the plating. Kids these days!), dresses, hues of blue, and purple, make up, travel. And lots of shiny tape.

I’ve come to a conclusion here: my 11 year old sister is much more glam than me.

Enjoy making your own vision wall!


1/ The key to making a good vision wall is to have plenty of images that correlate with your vision. Don’t just pick out stuff from one magazine; there might be things you’re missing out on. Look at plenty ( I hoard magazines, so I had a good amount to look at. Pick up magazines from duty frees, newspaper stalls, anywhere. Start making a collection!) and even consider other mediums: cards, newspapers, even print out images if you wish to have them on your vision wall.

2/ Have fun! Keep changing things up every few months or so to keep up with your interests!

xo, Aaria

diy vision wall