DIY Valentine’s Day Dessert Add-Ons

addonsdessertsAdding a special touch to desserts on Vday just makes it all the more special and adds a fun feel to the overall day. These are just some really simple tips to add or embellish your desserts:

1/ Doughnut and cupcake toppers

This is just too easy. All you need are a bunch of toothpicks and cut out paper hearts-attach both with a dab of glue/tape and top your dessert with these naffy little things!

cupcake toppersblueberry vday cupcakes

2/Customized Message Candy Bars

customized chocolate bars

choco bars

chocbar3You just got to buy some chocolate bars, take off the outer wrapping, and then use paper to make your own! Write cute little messages on them, and you’ve got yourself customized candy bars!