DIY Valentine’s Day 2015

valentines day brownies

*Yes, I know you may be thinking, a Valentine’s day post in March? Well, the story is I had a lovely little DIY Valentine party, and then I just couldn’t find the time to write a blog post. All that changes now. Excuse me for posting so late, but I hope you enjoy it! Maybe you can use these ideas for next year’s Valentine’s day 😉

The theme: blue and pink and a dash of yellow.

The goodies: Gifts, brownies, blueberry cupcakes (because they’re blue, get it?), chocolate doughnuts, ..and more chocolate.

valentine's day goodies

Check out the little DIYs that made this fun little Valentine’s Day party:

  1. DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Wrap

pretty simple gift wrap with tags

2. DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Bag


3. DIY Dessert Add-ons

blueberry vday cupcakes

It was a brilliant Valentine’s day! Lots of yummies, some easy DIYs and..I also wanted to make it a little different than the regular red, pink and white theme. Pink, blue and gold/yellow is pretty, don’t you think! Hope you all had a great Valentine’s day too! camera doughnuts browniesAnd yes, I have gold placemats. Cool, right? Hehe.