DIY Tangram Magnets

DIY Tangram MagnetsHello everyone! Today, we have a lovely DIY from Loes of Pomenco. She’s crafty and creative, and I’m so pleased to have her on SS, writing about this project she made: DIY tangram magnets. 

So, on to what Loes has to say!

DIY Tangram Magnets

DIY Tangram Magnets

I think I could say that I’m totally into air dry clay these days.

Air dry clay is such an awesome craft supply! It’s relatively cheap, versatile and very easy to work with. It can be kneaded, moulded, shaped, rolled out, stamped, painted, carved….. et cetera. That’s why I decided to use this material for this contribution to Surely Simple.

This set of clay magnets is a fun way to add some minimalist geometry to your fridge or inspirational memo board. They’re very easy to make, so I suggest you give it a go! Make them for your children to play tangram with, as a present for a friend or just for yourself.

The clay can be painted in every colour after the drying process, but I preferred the natural slightly off-white colour so I left them unpainted.

I’ve designed a little tangram template to print and use.

Click here to:  Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 2.29.39 pm


|A piece of air dry clay

|An adhesive magnetic sheet or pieces of magnetic tape

|A rolling pin

|A craft knife

|A cutting mat

|A ruler

|A pen that is visible on black

|Printed template


1/ Print out the template. Carefully cut out each shape. Use the pen to trace the outline of all the pieces marked 1 onto the magnetic sheet. Cut out all the pieces. Make sure you cut through all layers at once; replacing your knife’s blade maybe a good idea.

2/ Take a little piece of clay and flatten it with your hands. Roll out the clay until it’s smooth and even.

DIY Tangram Magnets

3/ Take a piece of the shapes marked 2 and lay it on top of the clay. Neatly cut around the paper with the craft knife. Repeat this step for all shapes. Leave the clay to dry completely. This may take a few days.

DIY Tangram Magnets

4/ Sand the edges of the tangram shapes until they’re perfectly smooth. Peel off the backing paper of the magnets and carefully place them on the clay pieces.

DIY Tangram Magnets

5/ Have fun with your DIY tangram magnets!

DIY Tangram Magnets

DIY Tangram Magnets

DIY Tangram Magnets

Happy crafting! -Loes 

Thank you, Loes, for such a sweet and fun DIY! You can find Loes on her Instagram and read more about her creative process here on Opinion9!