DIY Stone Jewelry Display

DIY Stone Jewelry Display

Hi everyone. Sorry, I’ve been a little inactive on the blog, but here’s to getting back in the game. Today, we’ve got a lovely guest post from Zoe of ZRA Designs. She whipped up this gorgeous DIY stone jewelry display holder, and it’s so reminiscent of the seaside- mixed with a dash of gold. It’s always nice to have a nice display for your jewelry, isn’t it- and I’ve noticed, that if you put your jewelry somewhere you can see it- you actually remember to wear it- and it also doubles as a pretty sight in your space! Let’s hear how Zoe made this. Take it away, Zoe!

DIY Stone Jewelry Display:

What you will need:

1 tube of white acrylic paint

1 tube of metallic gold acrylic paint

1 can of gold metallic spray paint

1 tube super glue

5 medium sized stones/pebbles (available at $2 shops)


Small roll of painters tape

Long thin piece of MDF approx. 30cm x 10cm (Medium-density fibreboard)
DIY Stone Jewelry Display


1-After sourcing your materials, put some newspaper down and begin painting your MDF white (I highly recommend you do this outside or in a shed, as you don’t want spray paint stinking up your house) about 3 coats will be enough, depending on your paint.

2- Spray paint the 5 stones gold (ensure that they are around the same size)

3- Paint the sides of the fibre board (MDF) gold (with the paintbrush, not the spray can). Cover the front (white part) with painters tape before doing so, so that no gold goes on the front.

4- Once the stones are dry, put glue on the flatter side and stick to the MDF

5- Leave to dry completely.

6- You are done!

*note: when using the jewellery holder only put lightweight bracelets/chains on it, as the stones are only glued so they can’t hold a lot of weight. –Zoe


DIY Stone Jewelry DisplayFind Zoe on her website | shop | instagram | facebook.