DIY Polaroid Clips Marble Display - via

DIY Marble Polaroid Clips Display

Hi everyone! I’m happy to have Jessica from Jemstory sharing a lovely DIY project today! Read on to get all the details on how to make this DIY polaroid display board! Take it away, Jessica!DIY Polaroid Clips Marble Display - via

DIY Polaroid Clips Marble Display 📷✂️💕 by Jessica 

During our stay in Canada I had seen a little Polaroid display that I liked but as I said, it was little.

I wanted to be able to display more than just a couple photos at a time, so I kept it in mind to attempt making myself once we got back to Holland.

Mike and I picked up the supplies and then when he was away for the day, I decided it was time to recreate/slightly upgrade the design I’d seen 😁

Items needed:

*Size and binder clip number vary depending on personal preference.

DIY Polaroid Clips Marble Display - via

Thanks to my good friend Mel, I already had the lovely gold binder clips 😉👌🏻

I’m sure you could find them at a number of places that sell home/office goods or at a craft store. I love marble and marble look things, so that of course was the drawer liner I chose, rather than leaving it plain. If wallpaper/liner isn’t your thing, there are many other options like staining the wood, painting it or leaving it plain etc.

I had the board from leftover pieces from during our renos and luckily, it was around the size I wanted.

It’s such a good feeling when everything actually aligns for a project! 😉

Here are the steps:

I began by covering the board with the liner.

DIY Polaroid Clips Marble Display - via

I had to pull it tight around the edges and secure it on the back with a strip of tape along each side, as the adhesive on the liner itself wasn’t strong enough to stick over the corners.

Next, I measured out the spacing of the binder clips, placing them at the intervals of 4.5 cm, 13.5 cm, 22.5 cm across.

DIY Polaroid Clips Marble Display - via

Spacing is also more of a personal preference thing, in case you want less/more or if you have different sized photos.

I then adhered the binder clips with a piece of strong double-sided tape on the back of each one.

Add in some prized Polaroid shots and Voilà!! 😁👌🏻💕

DIY Polaroid Clips Marble Display - via

I’d love to see your results if you try this project out! -Jessica


DIY Polaroid Clips Marble Display - via

DIY Polaroid Clips Marble Display - via

 Such a fun project, right? Jessica did a wonderful job on this. You can find her on instagram @jemstory and her blog. Leave a comment below if you liked it 🙂

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DIY Polaroid Clips Marble Display - via

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PS- make your own polaroids (yes, really!) if you don’t own a polaroid camera. Click on the link to see.

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