DIY Floating Shelves With Pinboard

diyshelf1Hey everyone! Well, when you decide to renovate, you go for it. Even if it takes..a really, really long time. First, come the painters, and then you think about redoing, adding or giving away furniture, and also about DIYing some new home decor. So, we made these floating shelves with a pinboard, and they came out pretty well. I thought I’d show you how pretty and simple these are! I wish I’d taken photos of the process…but truthfully, we made these with no idea of how they were going to turn out! And I think they’ve turned out pretty good, so I’m sharing this DIY with you guys. 🙂

Tip: This DIY involves woodworking, and so you need time, patience and space. The results turn out pretty nice!




I put the second shelf behind the door, just to store bits and bobs. Organizing takes time, so meanwhile you have to put things somewhere 🙂 Also, since it’s behind the door, people don’t usually see this little nook.


diyshelf3Hope you liked this simple (and very helpful for your bits and bobs) DIY! Have a great day!