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Starting again

Hi everyone. I shall be updating the blog regularly now! Thank you for your patience! Stay tuned, some pretty cool stuff coming your way! Watch out for a new post. xx Aaria PS- follow me on IG if you aren’t already! @surelysimpleblog @surelysimplechallenge @opinion9 @patternvilla           SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

Leaves / #SurelySimple LEAVES Theme Winners via

#SurelySimple LEAVES Theme Winners

Hey everyone! The winners for the @surelysimplechallenge theme LEAVES are:   New Art Contest Theme! 🌿😍🔹 I, Aaria (@surelysimpleblog ) have been on a painting/doodling leaves 🍃 kick lately and I thought it would be great to share this topic with y’all! So this week’s theme is LEAVES 🍃! • – entries eligible when posted from today to next Monday…

A Fun Tic Tac Photo Activity

Sometimes you should just have fun! Forget the pressure of creating some beautiful artwork- let’s all play with tic tacs! No, really. This is a great activity for kids and for you too if you want to practice your photography for macro objects. Because, let’s face it, these tic tacs are as macro as it can get. What you need…

Memories from a 100 year old home in Rajasthan, India

I had been in Rajasthan for more than a month back in April, and I had the opportunity to explore many different homes and places. One place that really captured my interest was this 100 year old home (possibly more than that). Presently, the owners didn’t live in the large house, fully encompassing more than 30 rooms (approximately). Instead they…