5 Free Summer Phone and Desktop Wallpapers! |

5 Free Summer Phone and Desktop Wallpapers! | 2 | Summer Fun!

Hey everyone! Download these summery wallpapers for your phone/ desktop to use all summer long! There are five awesome designs..and I'm pretty sure you're gonna love all of them! Today's downloads are brought to you by Caytie Frampton! I really like the bright sunny vibes of all the art she created for ya'll! I may have one of them on my phone right now πŸ˜‰ Read on to get to ...
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5 Free Artistic Phone and Desktop Wallpapers! | 1 | Magical Woodland

Hey everyone! This is an exciting post to write, because it's the first of a freebies series starting here on Surely Simple. You shall be introduced to a wide range of artists - who shall be making some gorgeous art to dress up your laptops/computers/phones! Today's featured artist is Kelsey Yurkow, and she has created a wonderfully magical set of forest themed designs for you to download..all for free! Read on ...
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House / A Creative Home..with Artist Katie in Carrollton, Virginia - a home interview series via SURELYSIMPLE.COM

A Creative Home..with Artist Katie in Carrollton, Virginia

Today, I'm sharing a lovely home with you all- oodles of rustic charm mixed with modern living. Katie is an artist with a classic and crisp sense of design; and you can see that both in her home and her art. Hope you enjoy this feature and get some inspiration! To me, her space is all about bright (natural) lighting, structured simple elements and coastal vibes integrated with an artistic approach. Let's ...
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Leaves / #SurelySimple LEAVES Theme Winners via

#SurelySimple LEAVES Theme Winners

Hey everyone! The winners for the @surelysimplechallenge theme LEAVES are:   New Art Contest Theme! πŸŒΏπŸ˜πŸ”Ή I, Aaria (@surelysimpleblog ) have been on a painting/doodling leaves πŸƒ kick lately and I thought it would be great to share this topic with y'all! So this week's theme is LEAVES πŸƒ! β€’ - entries eligible when posted from today to next Monday - make sure you mention in the caption that IT'S ...
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#SurelySimple COFFEE Theme Winners | Feb 16-23

Hey everyone! The weekly art/lettering theme was COFFEE and there were some awesome entries! Stay tuned for the next theme announcement on instagram. Let’s look at the winners for this awesome and versatile theme! #SURELYSIMPLE Coffee THEME WINNERS You all know how it works, 1 like = 1 vote. The top four winners are listed below along with my thoughts on their work!  First Place: @by_the_lakeside with 7328 votes! Title chosen by ...
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A Creative Home with artist Menw from Maastricht, Netherlands- a home tour and creative interview series via

A Creative Home with Paperhugger Menw from Maastricht

Hi everyone! Today I have a fascinating home tour lined up for you! Menw is what she calls a 'paperhugger' because she loves and collects all things paper! Her interests are diverse though- from vintage stationery, stamps, wax seals, art, botanicals, pens, postcards, snail mail, and so much more. She is also a hoarder of stationery and art supplies, but let me tell you- this is the neatest and most amazingly complex ...
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New Handlettering Quotes Project! daily quote series on

Quoted// Beauty Isn’t Exclusive To Goodness

Hey everyone! I'm starting a regular quote series on! You'll get to see peeks at my experiments with lettering, doodling and also read a lot of quotes. I absolutely love quotes - from movies, books, classic sayings, all kinds of quotes basically. Be sure to check everyday for a new one! I shall also provide links to the art supplies I use- since so many people ask me (especially ...
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A Creative Home..with Melike of Easy Interior - a Creative Home tour + interview series via

A Creative Home..with Melike of Easy Interieur in Berlin

Today, we have Melike of Easy Interieur sharing her gorgeous Scandinavian inspired home with us! I've included pictures of her home from last winter and right now in spring to show you how versatile her decorating is. (Key: The darker tones are clearly winter times and the bright images are beckoning spring!) What is really captivating about this stylist is that she flawlessly switches styles with a minimal yet go big ...
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#SurelySimple Alphabet Challenge Artists vol.1 via - An interview series

#SurelySimple Alphabet Challenge Artists vol.1

Hey everyone! I recently hosted an alphabet a day challenge in January on instagram. I wanted to share some amazing series of alphabets with you all- along with the makers behind them! All the artists featured have their own distinctive and unique style- that's what art is all about, right? There are quite a few artists in this series and I'll be sharing their words and art with four in each volume. Grab ...
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Creating Original Characters with the Scrawlr Box Challenge via Surely Simple

Creating Original Characters with the Scrawlr Box Challenge

Hey! I tried out the Scrawlr Box challenge and it was a great experience. Check out my video (I filmed this in small snippets and wips): What is the Scrawlr Box challenge, exactly, you might ask? Well, it's a subscription box that gives you a small set of art supplies and some nice paper too, and a specific theme to create a whole art piece with! No cheating by using other ...
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