Autumn Girl Vibes- video and character design by Aaria Baid//

Autumn Girl Vibes Character Design Video

Hey everyone! Check out how I made this Autumn girl in this video. You may have seen my videos on instagram, and one question I always get is- what supplies do I use for so and so etc? So, if you want to know the art supplies from now onwards, I shall be posting them here on the blog! Read on and also check out my Amazon page for more ...
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Jetpens review (+ a funny story!) via

Jetpens review (+ six wreath doodle ideas!)

Hey everyone! I am starting a stationery review series here on surely simple so be prepared to see a lot of cool stationery and fun art experiments! Let’s start with a set of supplies Jetpens sent me a while ago. There’s actually a little story attached to it! First, let’s see what Jetpens sent me… Gansai Tambi paints Zebra Fude Brush pens Royal and Langnicket brush Such a sweet set ...
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Watercolor Review: Prima Marketing Inc Vintage Pastel! (New Release!) - via // IG:

Watercolor Review: Prima Marketing Inc Vintage Pastel! (New Release!)

Hey everyone! Today, I'm reviewing a sweet new release from Prima Marketing Inc! You may know that I am part of the Prima Watercolor Design Team and we have been all in the know for a few months now about a new set of watercolors! Aptly called 'Vintage Pastel', this newest set is a subtle take on the already popular 'Pastel Dreams' with a vintage twist! Think muted soft color ...
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Bullet Journaling Essentials : What works (and what doesn't) // via

Bullet Journaling Essentials : How to get started!

Hey everyone! Today, we have Lyssy talking about the bare essentials of starting (and maintaining!) a bullet journal! What is a bullet journal and how do you start one? She discusses it in detail below! Take it away, Lyssy! -Aaria .... Bullet Journaling: Separating the Must-Haves from the Pretty Hey! I’m Lyssy, and today, we’re talking bullet journal. Bullet Journaling Essentials : How to get started! What is a bullet ...
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How to Draw // Monstera Delicious Plant - via

How to Draw // Monstera Deliciosa Plant

  Hey everyone! I'm starting a new step by step drawing series for you- check it out fresh at @surelysimpleblog on IG, and I'll update it here too in case you prefer seeing it on a website, along with some commentary by yours truly and some more inspiration!  Why I love monstera (well, who doesn't love a monstera plant?) Apart from the trends all over the internet, magazines and on ...
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Free Download : Girls Coloring Book vol. 1!

Free Download : Girls Coloring Book vol. 1!

Hey everyone! I've got a cute little surprise for you. Do you enjoy coloring? I personally like drawing my characters and then colouring them, but sometimes I feel so lazy that I wish I had characters drawn out so then I can directly color them in, lol. So, I figured you may have felt like this, too? That's why I created this free download : Girls Coloring Book vol. 1! ...
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Surely Simple Art Directory: Artist Interview: Lettering with Lauren of Renmadecalligraphy!

Artist Interview: Lettering with Lauren of Renmade Calligraphy!

Artist Interview: Lettering with Lauren of Renmade Calligraphy! Today, I want to introduce you to Lauren Fitzmaurice, who is a fellow let handed calligrapher! She has a really bright and cheerful lettering style. At the bottom of the page, I have listed some of Lauren's favourite tools, if you're curious 🙂 Take a look! Now, let's hear more from Lauren herself- Hey lovelies! I’m Lauren, the Ren of @renmadecalligraphy.  I’m ...
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12 Botanical Watercolor Doodles! + Free Phone Wallpaper Surely Simple Youtube Video

12 Botanical Watercolor Doodles Youtube Video! + Free Phone Wallpaper

Hey everyone! I really want to maintain a youtube channel starting this year with all sorts of fun artsy tutorials and reviews! So, please subscribe on my youtube- search for surely simple there. Today, I created this little tutorial for you! Also, I decided to make it into a free phone wallpaper if you liked the simple art 🙂 Read on to hear more about my process and download your ...
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An artist's perspective: Mixbook Review (+ 9 Free Wallpapers!)

An artist’s perspective: Mixbook Review (+ Free Wallpapers!)

Hey everyone! Today, I shall be talking about Mixbook- an online service for creating custom design. Let’s take it from the top... starting with what Mixbook offers as a brand and..why it’s so awesome! Also, I've got some free wallpapers for you! Read on... An artist's perspective: Mixbook Review (+Free Wallpapers!) Mixbook is a photo printing company that caters to creating beautiful and orginal design. Beautiful, because they have a ...
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Let's try the 'Tape Trick' + A Cool Watercolor Discount For You!

The ‘Tape Trick’ + A Cool Watercolor Discount For You!

Hey everyone! This is a really simple (and satisfying) mini tutorial if you’re looking for a handy art project! The great thing about this ‘tape trick’ is that it looks different everytime. There are so many things you can do to experiment with it. So here’s a little try at it: I listed all the tools I use below along with a pretty cool art discount for you! Keep reading... ...
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