April Fashion Art and Lettering Challenge Prompts on Instagram!

✒️The April Challenge is here!

 I’ve always loved fashion, both in illustration and shopping.
So I decided to combine these two- and voila! – here’s à la mode April (or Avril- by the French title)! I’ve chosen mostly high brands- because a girl can dream, right? 👠👗😊 in fact, the only down to earth brands here (comparatively) are top shop and Zara.
Anyways, here’s what you have to do:
1/Follow me on instagram @surelysimpleblog and @surelysimplechallenge
2/ this next point is flexible-

🔸letter the odd days (the brands 👠)

🔸draw the even days! ✨I’m thinking of designing lots of different stuff for this! 👀

🔸Alternatively, you can also just letter/ doodle or combine both depending on what you feel like at the moment. It’s up to you!
3/ add the tags to your work, and tag @surelysimpleblog respectively: for lettering: #surelysimplelettering
For art: #surelysimpleart ✏️
4/ join in anytime! Even if you feel like only doing the odd days or the even days, it’s totally fine! ….
I’m using this coming month as a way to build a fashion portfolio here on Instagram! If you like fashion and want to do the same, join me! It’s gonna be a blast! -Aaria 💖
Please tag someone who’d like this! #brushlettering #letteringchallenge

april lettering challenge- @surelysimpleblog on INSTAGRAM- join in!

Some ideas I thought I’d share:

FOR THE BRANDS: (odd days)

-you can draw an iconic product from each brand. For example, a chanel bag, or a perfume- chanel no. 5 etc

-you can simply practice your lettering and write the names in different styles

-you can try hand lettering/ drawing the original logos of the brands

-you can draw a fashion sketch of a model wearing the appropriate attire for each brand (or just wing it and design anything!)

you can do whatever you want, depending on where your creativity takes you

-letter famous quotes related to each brand


-you can fill a sketchbook with different drawings of the object, say, for shoes- you can draw a bunch of shoes you own/ would like to own or just a random assortment- a collection example: converse shoes, crocs, sandals, flip flops, kitten heels etc

-you can simply draw one item for each prompt- a nice pair of shoes, lipstick etc. Keep it minimal and striking.

-you can a human subject with the fashion item highlighted on their frame. Eg- for shoes, you can draw shoes with a portion of the legs showing on the page, for lipstick, you can draw with emphasis on the face

-if you don’t wish to draw these, you could write them too- in lettered / hand lettered/ calligraphy forms

you can do whatever you want, depending on where your creativity takes you

Find me on @surelysimpleblog to see what I make this month according to these prompts AND follow on @surelysimplechallenge where I’ll be featuring people’s work throughout the challenge! Oh and I pin a whole lot of stuff on Pinterest, so be sure to be friends there! Find me on pinterest: @surelysimple!