about me

About me

 I love warm sunlit mornings, sunny afternoons drinking tea, and starry nights. I love travelling to different places all over the world and also equally love visiting local tourist sights (because sometimes we forget the value of the place we live in and daydream. Unless you live in Paris, of course.) Let’s see..I adore reading, writing, good music, enjoying good food with family and taking pictures with my camera. I also love, love, love art! And art comes in many forms..drawing, painting, photography, cooking a beautiful dish, even the art of working towards something you love to do.

Why I started Surely Simple

I absolutely love the whole creative process, and in this space I will be sharing my take on DIY, art (so much goodness!), photography, travel, recipes (all vegetarian and all delicious!) and how to be positive and creative! (Because those two things always, always come together. You can only be creative when you’re positive. And vice versa.)

Hopefully, Surely Simple will inspire you in some way to reconnect and hold on to your hobbies and passions. I started it for that very reason-it inspires me to hold on to my creativity and explore, discover and learn new things along the way.

Is life surely that simple?

You mean can life surely be so simple that all you need to think about is.. how to make yourself and your loved ones happy? Well, the answer is..yes! And it all starts with you. When you start doing what makes you happy- be it art, chocolate, a fun shopping trip, or even a nice cup of coffee- that’s when your life starts being surely simple. Feel good about yourself and be kind! That’s how to make life surely simple.

One more thing

I’m so glad you’re here at Surely Simple! Have a great day filled with lots of creative inspiration, some yummy food on the table, and hot tea/coffee (whichever you prefer) with clarity because today is the most important day..everyday!

Contact me for business enquiries: hello@surelysimple.com


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