A road trip..colour pops.

A few months back, four families (including mine) went on a road trip all the way to Chikmagalur, Karnataka. It was really fun because we hired a huge tempo traveller bus to accommodate all of us. The good thing was that there were a few empty seats too, so everyone could move around. It was a long drive with a couple of stops along the way. We got up at 5 am, and everyone was boarded in the bus by 6. (Whew!) We stopped for breakfast, drove for a bit, then stopped again for lunch.

During the hours we were on the road, I managed to take these images from my trusty Canon, and one thing I noticed much later about these pictures was that-they all had an element of what we call – ‘colour pops’.

‘A pop of colour’ is what is really trending nowadays in interiors and design. What made the scenery on the road interesting was that it happened to accommodate this ‘pop’ of colour so effortlessly and perfectly-without even planning. Mother Nature truly is the best interior designer.

Here are some of the pictures clicked-hope you like them!










When the sunlight faded to a reveal a misty afternoon, the colour pops also subsided. Travelling makes everything look a little more exciting than usual. It also ¬†absolutely brings out creativity in a person. I would recommend you guys to go on lots of road trips, and take lots of photographs while you’re at it. You’ll be surprised by how¬†a change in scenery can create a change in your perspective to life, and add to your creativity!