A New Creative Instagram Challenge In August 2016!

August Favorites Creative Challenge Happening!

If you’ve been following @surelysimplechallenge, you may have noticed that in August, there will be a new challenge and it’s all about our favorites! 


This challenge stemmed from a thought that we should be more grateful in our daily life, and what better way to celebrate than to discuss our favorite things for the whole month?



– keep up with the challenge by following @surelysimpleblog and @surelysimplechallenge over at Instagram

– save this image, or repost it on your feed with the tag #SimpleAlphabets so I know you’re participating!

– on each particular day, depict your favorite topic (as shown in the image) by drawing it, lettering it, writing it, painting it, doodling it, journaling it…! When you upload the image/video to your instagram, add the tag #SimpleAlphabets so people can see it!

-I shall be featuring interesting and well thought out entries on @SurelySimpleChallenge. It is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to a growing community of talented artists like yourself! Don’t miss out! 😀

If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them. Just head over to @surelysimpleblog on Instagram and leave a comment/message there!

So..are you in? 🙂

Aaria xo

  • Izhita

    Hey!! I?m sooooo in, as I just started lettering! 😀
    Just wanted to point out that “day of the week” is in there twice! XD