A Brush Lettering Giveaway! (CLOSED)

A Brush Lettering Giveaway! with Surely Simple + Zuer Designs  

A Brush Lettering Giveaway! with Surely Simple + Zuer Designs  

A Brush Lettering Giveaway! with Surely Simple + Zuer DesignsHello! I’m excited to have a little giveaway on Surely Simple! If you’ve been reading along, you might have noticed some brush lettering tutorials here recently. If not, check them out here: pt 1, pt 2 and pt 3.

Well, this got me thinking about learning more about brush lettering- and Jo of Zuer Designs (check out her shop here), who created these guest posts on lettering- offered to share a little gift for all of you- a giveaway of her amazing, 50 page manual on brush lettering, Through Thick and Thin.

She sent me a copy and I was just so motivated to start brush lettering straight away! And we both thought, why not offer this chance to win her special brush lettering manual!

There will be three lucky winners!!A Brush Lettering Giveaway! with Surely Simple + Zuer DesignsSo we come to the exciting details! To enter this giveaway:

1/ Follow @zuerdesigns and @surelysimple on Instagram.

2/ Subscribe to Surely Simple 

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3/ Leave a comment on this post stating why you want to learn brush lettering- or anything about lettering, really!

To be entered for this giveaway, fill in the details by entering your email id here below on this giveaway form:

(When you’ve followed the instructions- just write done! on the space below each entry)

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A Brush Lettering Giveaway! with Surely Simple + Zuer Designs

Things I love about this brush lettering manual:

1/ it’s an instant download. So you don’t have to wait for it to be shipped- once you win, you’ll get it delivered to your inbox, ready to be printed!

2/ it’s filled with so much helpful information to get you actually on the road of the world of brush lettering.

3/ you can take it anywhere with you- a few pages at a time, or the whole 50 pages! also, if you mess up any of the exercises, you can simply print out more pages and practice!

A Brush Lettering Giveaway! with Surely Simple + Zuer Designs

And here’s a note from Jo herself about Through Thick and Thin:

Through Thick and Thin is a simple, easy to follow beginner’s brush lettering guide that takes you through the basic exercises needed to craft beautiful brush lettering. 

The vision was to create something that would be suitable for brush lettering enthusiasts at a beginner level. Its straightforward design is what sets it apart from the other guides that are often aimed at those already fluent in brush lettering. Although it is targeted at beginners, the techniques, drills and practice worksheets can be used by anyone interested in polishing their brush lettering skills.

This guide has 50 pages and includes worksheets with letters, drills and exercises that you can print out and trace.

If you want more details, find more about Through Thick and Thin here.
You have a whole month for this giveaway to end! And need I mention, this is a giveaway open worldwide? So wherever you are, you are eligible to enter!

A Brush Lettering Giveaway! with Surely Simple + Zuer Designs

Let’s all get down to practicing our brush lettering! -Aaria

  • Chia-Heng Li Ching

    I love lettering! It looks so effortless when done by the pros. When I do it, it just looks wrong! I started to paint and draw earlier this year because I wanted to make inspirational cards to motivate children. My lettering was so awful, I stuck to painting! I’m not giving up. I definitely want to learn lettering again so I can start motivating kids again!

    • http://www.surelysimple.com Aaria Baid

      Making cards? That’s such a lovely idea! Yes, this book really helped me to get the hang of brush lettering! Be sure to sign up on the rafflecopter giveaway part and find yourself with a free copy too! And you’re right..Never give up! πŸ™‚

  • Jenn Goodwin

    I love writing letters. My brush lettering for envelope addressing could be next level and more consistent with some technique help. πŸ™‚

    • http://www.surelysimple.com Aaria Baid

      Nice to hear that! Fingers crossed you get it! πŸ™‚

  • Berkay

    My handwriting is good but I am so untalented on drawing/brush lettering. I want to prepare posters and good cards for my friends/family. I have to practise and practise.

    • http://www.surelysimple.com Aaria Baid

      Nice! Yes, practice makes perfect! πŸ˜€

    • http://www.surelysimple.com Aaria Baid

      Nice! Yes, practice makes perfect! Fingers crossed! πŸ™‚

  • Patty Jaime

    Wishing to develop my own style by learning from the masters. Just a beginner who wants to be good and proud of something created by myself. Thank you for the opportunity.

    • http://www.surelysimple.com Aaria Baid

      Great that you’re starting brush lettering! All the best!

  • TaeyangiKoyangi

    I really like lettering. So far, all I’ve done is designing and painting monograms on personal birthday cards for family & friends and I would really like to start doing brush lettering. Following Jo’s Instagram, I really want to start trying today.


    • Jo

      We need to meet up at uni for a brush lettering date, oi! I never knew you were into it that much at all! Good luck with the giveaway!

      • TaeyangiKoyangi

        Oi deal! I’m keen as 😁😁😁😁😁

  • Wqq Tan

    I love lettering and I really like the watercolour effect that we can do with brush lettering πŸ˜€

  • Lizzy

    I love lettering and would love to learn how to do it!

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  • Patty Eichner

    I have always loved calligraphy and am excited to try a new method.

  • Jasmine Tuquero

    I think brush lettering is one of the best kinds of calligraphy writing and I would love to learn the art.

  • http://jennifernesbitholt.com Jennifer Holt

    I learned calligraphy when I was 11 and loved every minute of it, but lost the craft with age. I would love to reignite my creativity with the flow of the pen once again. Lately, especially in my business, I’ve returned to pen and paper free flowing inspiration and am amazed at what is birthed! Thanks for this opportunity!

  • Hannah

    I really like handlettering because it’s a fun and creative expression that combines my love of words with a fondness for the artsy.

  • Denize De La Guardia

    I am 49 years old starting the second part of my life …now that my kids are grown up, this is a lovely and beautiful way to learn something new that I will enjoy for the rest of my life!