A 30 Day Cleaning Journey (Starting Now!)

A30 day cleaning journey (starting now!) via www.surelysimple.com

This is just always on the top of my to-do list, but I never actually find time to do it. Or even start. What am I talking about? Cleaning up my workplace(s). To be fair, there’s been quite a bit of renovation going on for the past year..painting the walls, some major DIY-worthy projects, customised furniture..the works. And I’m going to talk about all that in a home studio post which I’m going to write in a while-after I clean and organise the whole place.

Clutter, clutter, clutter. My mind is just so fogged with it sometimes, that I can barely start working on projects only to realize I misplaced something small-like tape, or a drawing pencil, or even my canvas which I had been working on just yesterday. There’s just so much stuff..everywhere. I had stealthily arranged it very quickly after the custom furniture had been made…but it didn’t last. I have a lot of craft supplies and materials, and clothes and books and pencils and paints and notebooks and drawing books….agh!..it’s all everywhere..it’s a beautiful mess.

And the worst part of the mess is..I can never find anything when I need it. I might spot a box of beads one day, and when I think of maybe using it for a jewellery crafting session, it never seems to be seen. My work and productivity is pretty impacted by the fact that I waste so much time just finding everything.

And the best/worst part of all this?

I am not a messy person by nature.

And what I mean is..I like things in place. Not like crazy perfectionist, but more of flexible and i-know-where-everything-is. It’s just the renovating and the travelling I’ve been doing the past few months have basically left my workspace and bedroom totally mismanaged and..I hate it. But I’ve been procrastinating in tidying it up and organising things-because I guess I just could never find the motivation. Till now.

So I’m just putting it down here on the blog, and after 30 days I’m going to recount my cleaning journey which I’m actually going to start today. A little commitment might just do the trick.

The next posts for this cleaning journey will be all about how I clean, organise and DIY until I feel like it’s all just organised enough for me to find anything and everything.

If you have any cleaning tips and suggestions for me..I’d love to hear them in the comments below.

Let’s do this!

xo, Aaria