5 Basic Points To Consider While Product Styling

5 Basic Points to Consider While Styling A Product (Photography)Hey everyone. I thought I’d share some basic tips while styling your products and projects. These tips are just to make to aware of some basic guidelines to follow while taking pictures of your DIYs, food and anything else you want to stylize.

  1. Brightness

You can either brighten up the image during editing but try to set your camera settings to get a clear and reasonably light-filled image.

brightness styling

  1. Balancing space and objects

You have to decide whether you want more blank space or more focus on the objects in the image. Take differing shots alternating between more empty space as well as more detail on the objects in the frame. Then, decide which image is most appealing with your vision of the product.

empty space

  1. Maintain one background and avoid clutter

Make sure you have one consistent background and no clutter behind it (out of focus or in focus). To get unnecessary objects out, simple remove them from the area or take a flat image and not an angled one of the product (where the clutter can be seen).

background no clutter Here, in the first picture we can see the wall and some clutter. The second picture only focuses on the stones and their arrangement.

nobackgroundclutter The first picture specially focuses on the objects while the second picture is diffused and also shows a bit of the wall. The background should be consistent, which is seen in the first picture.

  1. Use the rule of thirds

This basically means dividing the image into a grid of nine squares (3×3). The four dots shown are the interest points where your product should be to give it a more balanced feel, and to make it more appealing to look at.


  1. Experiment with angles

Flat or angled? The trend you see now is more flat and overhead images, but sometimes-angled images do the trick, too. You decide which works for you.

empty space 2 The bowl is flat in the first picture, and you can see the shape of it slightly in the second picture-taken at an angle.

flat or angled imagesIn the first picture, it is taken overhead so the letters are flat on the image. The second picture was taken slightly diagonally to get a sideways view. The first picture works better at accentuating the letters.

And there you have five things to consider while product styling! Hope this was helpful.