12 Reasons Why Creatives Need a JORD Watch (+ A GIVEAWAY!)


Wood watches are intriguing, it’s true. You’re never going to believe what happened that actually started this whole post. A while back, a friend had mentioned that they had just recently bought a wood watch. And then, a week later, JORD wood watches contacted me! Is there such a thing as a funny coincidence?! True story.

It’s been a crazy month with a lot of deadlines and hectic work timings. I’ve been using my Cora turquoise wood watch for a little more than a month now, and I love it!

This watch is not only beautifully crafted and visually stunning- there are a lot of things I can elaborate on. The best part is this watch is that it’s perfect for creative folks! I don’t mean only artists and photographers and the like. Nowadays, ‘creatives’ is a noun used for anyone remotely indulging in creative thought- and let me ask you- don’t you think you’re creative? C’mon, I have a feeling you’re nodding. You’re a creative! And back to the point..if you need some reasons why you should consider this cool watch, here they are!


10 Reasons why Creatives need a Jord Watch


I don’t know about you, but the first thing I notice about any product is its packaging and branding. I look at the design, the way it’s presented. And Jord packaging doesn’t disappoint. Let’s do a little unboxing preview, shall we?

(haha, you’re thinking- this is point no 2 and not 1? What can I say? I love packaging and branding way too much!)


I love the butterfly clasp- a characteristic of a high end watch and a comfortable watch! The individual wood frames that make this watch are all beautifully even. There are Swaroski crystals framing the four corners in the watch (can a circle have corners, haha?)



When I got a chance to pick out a watch, I just took a look at the Cora Zebrawood and Turquoise and decided right away- ‘oh, I need this!’ The watch is attractive but not too flashy. It’s bold and a great color statement. As an artist, I love incorporating a bit of color in my wardrobe, but the minimalist in me tones it down. So, this watch- with a color combo both bold and calming- the turquoise and the peaceful wooden shades, is a win-win. This women’s watch is not dainty- it’s bold and stunning.



I’m all for saving the environment, who isn’t, nowadays? The best part about having a wood watch is that they last a long time. The wood will also age beautifully, and unlike metallic/leather watches which unfortunately need to be replaced when the rusting/peeling phase happens..this will not happen with your wood watch!



I love automatic watches because they automatically (pun intended) are so refreshing from battery operated watches. You don’t need to worry about changing the battery ever. Also, the back of the watch shows the intricate dials- and from a functional and aesthetic point of view- it looks good.



Backtrack to the funny coincidence I mentioned in the first lines of this post- everyone seems to have a wood watch or want to buy one. I’m not a big one for trends, but this gets you thinking. There’s something about this watch. Everyone wants one!



Chic. Office. Casual. Trendy. Minimal. Preppy. Sporty. These are my go-to styles I alternate between (nothing too drastic, just sweet and simple) and the watch goes with every. Single. One of them. I’d say even if you were a hippie-grunge-rocker-gypsy-couture kinda person, it’ll fit your style as well. The natural structure of the watch is just synonymous with anything and everything. 



The Cora Turquoise is just so dreamy! I’m a writer as well as an artist, so whenever I consider any product to buy- I always think of what it reminds me of. And this watch here- what I get is a lovely beachy, nautical vibe. The blues and browns all contribute to this , yes! It also points to a cool wintry scene. Basically, you can wear it anywhere.



Possibly this should have been an initial point. I adore things handmade and handcrafted. Every watch made is slightly different and personalized. They take into consideration your wrist size and you get it just the way you want it. Also, did you notice how smoothly polished the texture of the wood is? No danger of splinters!




As an artist, I don’t wear too much (or any) hand accessories- apart from a watch. Yes, I happen to be one of those people who would rather look at their wrist to see the time and not pull out their phone every five minutes. So when I think of buying a watch (time is important for everyone- especially a creative person!) – I like to be of good quality and good make. It’s also a long term investment, so why not?




The past month I have worn this watch everyday all the while travelling as well- and I’ve gotten compliments on it every single day. And all from a diverse range of people. It’s crazy. Wood watches get attention. 


And one more important point!




When I’m drawing, painting, reading, writing, or playing the guitar..I like my watch not to be too heavy or interfere the hand movements. Usually with a regular watch, I end up taking it off and then drawing or whatever. Not the case with the Jord watch! It’s super light and you barely notice it while working. Yay! 

A few more things you need to know if you’re considering buying this watch:

  • Since it’s wooden, probably not a good thing to wear it while swimming or get it wet. The wood is untreated, so it will expand if you subject it to a lot of water. Don’t!
  • It doesn’t irritate the skin at all (especially if you have sensitive skin)
  • The glass on the watch seems to be very strong.
  • ‘Jord’ means earthy in Swedish, and it reflects on the natural style of this watch make.
  • There’s a warranty on it!
  • These watches are really a unique gift to give anyone! Especially when you can’t figure out what to buy! The women’s watches (like my Cora pictured here) and men’s watches both have so many options- you should be able to find something suitable for whoever you’re gifting one to.


Check out all the cool watch options here. 


One more thing, JORD has very kindly offered a JORD WATCH E-voucher of $75 USD to one lucky winner! And everyone else who enters also gets a $20 voucher !

So basically, everyone wins something! 

The contest will close 16th October at 12 am, EST.

Enter the giveaway here:


Thanks Jord! 

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