11 Décor rules of thumb

11 Décor rules of thumb via www.surelysimple.comHello everyone!

You might have noticed, there’s not a lot going around here on the blog. Well, that’s debatable, because I am working on a lot of projects right now- blog related and also I’m practically renovating my home studio from scratch! Hence, I thought I’d share some tips that have now become some unspoken guidelines in my mind. This is what happens when you delve too deep in one topic- and decor and styling is one topic always on my mind these days. Here are 11 Décor rules of thumb with which I’m currently decorating my home (you will see it soon, lots of beautiful stuff coming your way!) Anyways, since I only have a very messy home right now, with all this cleaning and organizing- I decided to add some beautiful images to this post for more inspiration! You can click on the image for its source.

So let’s begin- and I hope these tips help you out!

Here they are!

1/ Keep it clean

Before even thinking of styling a room, clean it throughly and you might be surpised at your change of mind then! A messy room fogs your senses to what is actually needed. You may think your room needs a total overhaul, but after cleaning it- you can clearly see what actually needs to be changed and what is already in pretty good condition. The first step is the most important, so before you start looking up ‘renovate’ and pages and pages of colour choices, clean up the room and then evaluate.



Incorporating even a small symmetrical point gives balance and clarity to the space. It also adds an aesthetic appeal to the room, and automatically makes it look more organized. Harmony certainly makes a room beautiful.

11 Decor rules of Thumb via Surely Simple

3/ Colour is key

Pick wall colours wisely. I always think that colour is extremely important because that’s the first thing anyone notices in a room, especially a room you live in. Choose colours that make you happy and positive. Whites, yellows, blush pinks and greens are relaxing on the eye. Moody colours like blacks, violets, greys and indigo blues add a somber quality to the room. I’m definitely someone who likes to walk in a cheery room. The same goes for your furniture too. The lighter (and brighter) the colour and textures of the furniture, the brighter the room will be.

11 decor rules of thumb

4/ Less is more

Try to be simple even if you have a lot of stuff. (Me! Me! You, too?) Storage, organizing and deciding what will be displayed in open shelves and what will be hidden by doors makes for an effective room.

11 decor rules of thumb via surelysimple.com

5/ There can be more than one focal point

Don’t clutter as seen in the previous point, but also don’t limit yourself to only one focal point! For instance, this image below is a beautiful example of having more than one focal point. The wood wall and the plants and if you’d like, the hanging light included, make for a gorgeous yet simple studio.

11 decor rules of thumb via www.surelysimple.com

6/ Styling and DIY should be functional

There’s no point adding shoes on top of pretty books you’ve never read. Create meaningful DIYs which serve both for a look and functionality.

11 Decor rules of Thumb via Surely Simple

8/Be dramatic and enjoy it!

Blended composition and different elements are essential. Too much matching and co-ordination leads to dullness. Buy furniture and other pieces from different places to get an interesting composition and outlook. For example, don’t limit yourself to only a pink and grey theme or only wood. When you add layered pieces, the longeviity of the room and your interest increases.

11 decor rules of thumb via www.surelysimple.com

9/Embrace what you have- be you!

Get inspiration from yourself (add distinctive pieces- a souvenir from your travels, a card you got, trophies, even a childhood memory you love. Don’t look at only pinterest and websites, and think, ‘this is the only way to decorate’- everyone has their own perspective and you need confidence in your own work and life experiences. Let your personality shine with what you have!

11 decor rules of thumb via ww.surelysimple.com

 10/ Take it slow- these are big decisions.

Don’t race and try getting a whole room decorated in a day. Purchase one item (a table, a vase, a cushion or two) and see how it works in your space. Let it live there for atleast a week before deciding to add more. After all, you’re going to live in the space and before cluttering it with potential decorative items, see if you really like them and how they contribute to the overall feel of your room.

11 decor rules of thumb via www.surelysimple.com

11/ Keep in mind the biggest elements first- the smaller details will fall into place.

When you are initially decorating a room, first plan all the bigger components of the room. Understand the existing architecture of the room. You may have medium sized windows, and a narrow doorway. There may be just enough space for a double bed. Before buying lamps, trinkets, vases etc, plan the bed space, the cupboards, the sofa, i.e. all the big and investment pieces. Only then think about buying a small coffee table or a wall clock. Don’t buy the clock first and then decide the position of the shelving unit.

11 decor rules of thumb via surelysimple.com

And these are my 11 rules of thumb with which I’m decorating my space! Stay tuned, there’s plenty more decor related posts coming up here at Surely Simple!

xo, Aaria